Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Update of sorts

I drove by the apartment this morning before going to work, and it looks like we might have electricity. I'll know for sure at lunch when I go home to make sure my pipes haven't froze and busted.

While I love my mother, I love being in my own place, in my own bed. And that's where I want to sleep tonight. If I can't sleep in my bed, the only other bed I want to sleep in is B's.

And I don't see that happening soon. He's at home again today. The pneumonia is kicking his ass. I had a gut feeling this morning, and it wouldn't go away, and I couldn't ignore it. I called just to see how he was. He sounded so sick, and small, in that little boy voice they all get when they are sick. It's only cute the first day or so, then it becomes an irritating whine, but today, it was sweet and cute, and tugged at my heart.

Not much to write about right now. There will be more later. I'm sure. It was a boring quiet night. I want to go home.

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