Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Apparently the law just doesn't apply to them....

The sun is shining today. It's actually 37 degrees outside (only 23 in CoMo where my sister lives, 40 minutes away) and the snow is melting, like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. Things are looking brighter for me today than yesterday. And I'm not just talking about the weather outside.

I did find out something interesting from the girls this week. I picked them up Friday from the sitter, after being with The Slug for two days. The ride home after they come back is always interesting, because it's always a bitch session about all the things TFC and her brats have done to make my girls life a living hell. I've just learned to listen and let it go. I can't make them treat the girls better, I can't make them treat them fairly, I can't make them realize that the girls are unhappy. All I can do is listen and if it's serious, take it up with The Slug. Which is beyond useless, because well, he always takes TFC's side.

On our way home Friday, the girls are bitching and moaning about how unfair TFC is to them and how her girls are the biggest spoiled rotten brats they've ever seen, and I'm just letting them blow hot air. We drive past a gas station and they say "Oh, we can't go there today, Uncle X is there."

I know that the law says he can not be around anyone under the age of 18, especially girls. He can't be around my girls until The Slug passes this course and the test at the end. If Slug fails the test, the girls will never see Uncle X. Now, if I believe the girls, (and I have a tendency to do that) then they have seen Uncle X, quite a bit actually.

It seems that they have 'run into him' at the antique shop in town. Ok, now, The Slug, and Uncle X are twins. Those two don't take a shit without calling the other one first. They don't make decisions without consulting the other one. So, if The Slug is going to the Antique store, I can promise you that Uncle X knows it and there is a plan underfoot to meet up there, 'quite by accident' *wink wink*

I can't do anything about it, because, I can't prove that this is planned. They can claim it was just a coincidence, and well, you try and prove it wasn't. Does it matter that I was married to one, and I know these guys, and I know this was not an accident? I mean, they both know he's not supposed to be around the girls, so if one pulls up and the other's vehicle is there, shouldn't that be a clue to leave and come back later? Yeah, well, once again, they all believe they are above the law, and once again, they have managed to find a loophole, and find a way around the law.

Only four months
1 week
2 days
and I'll be gone.

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I am so sorry to hear about all that anguish for you all. How terrible. I sure hope things improve soon.