Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snippets of a phone conversation

Conversation last night with B on the phone......

So, how much of me is on your blog?

Oh, hell, not much. Just the occasional shout out. Why?
(yes I know, I underexagerated there, but he can come read it for himself)

Nothing about our sex life?

Uh, no. My mother reads this shit, there are some things she doesn't need to know.

Oh, that's too bad. Slug would love that shit.

I could post one of the pictures you sent me (of his *ahem* junk) on my phone. Slug could sit in the corner and whimper like the pathetic dog he is. And TFC could see that and tell him, "Hell yeah, I'd leave your ass for that shit too!"

*yeah, in case you all were wondering, and worried, I won't be sensoring myself or editing for content on this blog, just because I have readers who have no sense of humor.
Thank You. That is all.

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