Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My past and my future, standing in between

As I mentioned, I get to spend a long glorious weekend with B starting Friday (posts won't be happening this weekend, and the posts to follow next week, well, will be edited for content....)

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day, and I'm off work. So, while I'm in Lincoln County, and in the area, I thought I'd take Monday and check out the town that will be our home in 4 months. I want to drive around, look at apartment complexes, maybe houses, check out where the schools are, the neighborhoods. I just want to start making it our home.

Tate informed me this week, that she would really like to take piano lessons when we get moved. Thank god for Batman, he knows people. He knows someone who can teach Tate piano. He's offered to hook us up.

He's offered to help look at apartments with us. He's offered to help me find a great job. He's offered to 'be there' for us when we move, as any good friend should. He's offered a lot. I will be moving to a town where I know absolutely NOBODY. B doesn't even live in the town I'm moving to. (when I say start over, fresh, I mean start over, fresh. Everything is new. Including friends.)

So, maybe I will say good bye to a part of my past this weekend (I hope not, but it's possible) I will also be saying Hello to a part of my future. Looking back at what has been, and is no more, and looking forward at what will be and could be. It's going to be an exciting emotional weekend to say the least. The very least.


Sudiegirl said...

I don't mean to sound dim, but what exactly is up here? Apparently, you guys were together, now you're not, he doesn't want to be together but you do?

Just checkin'

Melissa Mullinax said...

whoa, woman! What are you talkin' about here....I'm behind. Where are you moving to??