Thursday, January 18, 2007

Overheard at Wal-M...well you know where

The chick checking me out last night (the check out chick, not checking me out as in "Damn she's hot" or "Damn she's a freak") was talking to the girl in front of me about her two year old son. Who just happened to damn near burn their house down earlier this week.

Uh, hello? How does a 2 year old almost burn a house down?

Well, apparently he puts the dust pan in the broiler drawer of the oven while Mommy is cooking dinner and not paying close enough attention to the two year old.


Amy said...

Apparently they don't fit the Wal-M stereotype completely because if they lived in a trailer it would have burned down/up for sure!

This is another reason why I had Wally-World.

Amy said...

Uck, that was HATE Wally-World, not HAD.