Friday, January 19, 2007

Just takin care of some business

Once again it is Friday. I have gloriously survived another week at work. The kids have been gone for two nights now, and will all be home tonight. Sounds like a pizza and movie night to me. Of course, Mother Nature is about to shit on us yet again, and well, she can take a flying leap, I hate that bitch.

Talk to Batman this morning, and well, he's finally made it out of bed and found his way back to work. First day this week, and the BIG WIGS are in the store. Not a fun day for him. Being at work is going to wear him slick, and wipe his ass out. Then he has to pick up his kids tonight after work for the weekend. He'll be dead to the world by 8:00 if not sooner. But at least he's up and around.

My girl lilcali2mama has been chatting with me today, and I just have to say, she blows me away. She found my blog quite by accident one day and stops by often. She has told me that I am helping her through a really rough patch in her life. And then she shared with me some of her story, and frankly, she's way stronger than I am. She has been through way more than I have and that girl has kicked ass the whole way. I am amazed by her, and so glad she found my corner of the world. (Now, get those poems of yours on your blog, as I'm sending friends over to visit, and those are powerful beyond measure!)

To TN Becky, I know things seem overwhelming right now, but believe me you know that God is not going to give you anything that you and He together can not handle. Take it in stride, a bit at a time, and you'll get through, He will provide. Done preaching.

Syd, can I just say thank god for your place? No matter what kind of day I'm having I know I can stop by there and walk away with nothing less than a smile, but usually I'm doubled over laughing my ass off. And really, not that I'm counting or anything, but we are a month away from Daytona, and Nascar, and frankly, I'm ready.

Dixie, in response to your email, I haven't read that book yet, but my mother has it and is reading it now. I will ask to borrow it when she's done. My sister has verbally kicked my ass more than once about how complaining about a situation isn't going to change it, and if you're doing nothing to change it, you're as much a part of the problem as the problem itself. I just got tired of getting my ass kicked. Now, I'm going to kick some ass.

MS thanks to you I have a gazillion posts on my blog already for the month of January. I am constantly churning out new posts just to keep you entertained while you work some crazy long hours with some cranky ass people who don't understand "Go away and leave me alone" does not mean "Come back in my office and bother me some more". I'm there for ya, and doing all I can to get you through the days. Glad I could help. Oh, and I've got a dozen more ideas for Thursday Thirteen, if you would just let me write them for ya.

I can not say Thank you enough to all the people who stop by and read this little corner of the world. I appreciate all the supportive emails and comments I get from all of you. I am sure there are lurkers who haven't come up and said Hello, and that's ok. I hope someday you will. In the meantime, pull up a chair, grab a drink, get comfortable and stay and visit awhile.

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