Thursday, January 11, 2007

God Damn Horoscopes

Old resentments can go deep, and with good reason -- this person really delivered quite a blow. Forgive them. That doesn't mean you necessarily need to forget, but it does mean you have to consciously heal and move on.

There's today's horoscope. How truly fitting. Ok, he (The Slug) didn't deliver that big of a blow. It wasn't devistating. I had an idea he or someone in his life, was reading my blog. So what. The threats he made last night are idle threats, at least until I hear from an attorney.

Forgive him. What's there to forgive? He blew up, he yelled, he beat his chest, he roared, he barked. There's no bite in any of it. Let him beat his chest, feel like a man, make a lot of noise, ignore him and move on. Let it go, all of it.

I'm moving on with my life. Leaving him, his family (dysfunctional as it is) behind. Taking the girls and starting over far away where he can't reach me, where he can't harrass me, or stalk me. He claims he wants me out of his life, and he wants to stop fighting with me, for the girls' sake, but here we are, back at square one, nothing has changed.

Except me. I'm not going to get worked up over it. I'm not going to let him force me into hiding, or chase me underground. I'm going to live my life, continue to write on my blog, and go on. I am free now, it's my life, to live. I don't need his approval, and he would do well to figure that out. He doesn't have to approve of anything in my life. It's none of his business any more.

I'm letting it go, I'm moving on.

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