Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Mojo is back

I'll be honest, my camera (my Nikon especially) was seriously intertwined with my relationship with Batman. I got my Nikon the day before I spent the first weekend with him. I used it to capture Scooter at his race. My photography and my cameras have been a big part of my relationship.

So, when the relationship changed, so did my love affair with my camera. Oh, not to say I don't love my camera, I do. I just couldn't pick it up. I couldn't shoot with it. I just couldn't create, there was no magic there. The thrill that I found behind the camera was as gone as Batman. I just couldn't find the joy the passion, the thrill anymore.

Until last week. Newt was sitting on the floor watching TV and I picked up the Nikon and took just a few shots, nothing formal, nothing fancy, just popped off a few. Didn't think much about it.

Until I saw them. This on in particular. My magic was back, my mojo was back. I could take amazing photos again. I could tingle, I could light up, I was coming back. I was finding my way again, my vision, my art.

I am accepting the boundaries of my relationship as defined by him, defined by me, and defined by a higher power. I haven't lost him, and now I am finding to my own delight, I haven't lost my art either.

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Laci said...

She is so damn cute!!! You do great work!!