Thursday, January 18, 2007

Next Question

Silent One ~D~ has asked me What is your count down for? Starting over ... as in how?

Good question.

The Count down at the top of my blog, counts down to June 1, 2007, the day I have every intention of being moved into my new home, in my new town, ready to start my new life, away from the forces of evil here.

I have been married and divorced twice. Both ex's live close by (for the kids). Even though the state, the laws, the courts, almost everyone recognizes that my divorces gave me the freedom to live my life free from control, harrassment and interference from them, the ex's didn't get the memo.

I've been on my own for 3 years now (almost to the day) but I've never been free of them. They have stalked me, harrassed me, cost me jobs, cost me relationships, and made my life hell. I just always assumed they would be a fact of my life until the kids turned 18.

Batman opened my eyes and showed me it was possible to get free of them. He encouraged me, he showed me it was possible and so I did it.

I took them back to court and changed the parenting plan we had for the kids. I got sole custody of the girls, (9 and 7 Father is The Slug) and gave C1 sole custody of Bo (he needs to be with his father at 13). I was granted permission to relocate.

I am moving far enough away the ex's can't screw with my life. I can get a great job with great benefits and I can finally have my life, free from them. They would still see the kids.

This town, and the ex's have just become such a dead end for me. I'm going no where, I have no hope for a bright future. I have grown stagnant here. So, I'm starting over. I'm packing it all up, and leaving all that I know, and moving on to find my place in this world, my own place. To stand on my own two feet. Free from the forces of evil.


Silent One ~D~ said...

Don't ya just hate it when the ex's don't get the memo. GOOD for you for taking the final step to full control.

Dixie said...

I was curious to what the ticker was for also! Now that I know I can root for ya' and count down with ya'!

Laci said...

You know that I will miss you greatly!! I know that we haven't gotten together lately, but I am going to miss you! It sucks!!!! I know... it's better for you! You have to do it!! Yada yada yada. But you are my support and I love you! I know we can still get together and chat but still I will miss you! But after I get over of being selfish, I know that it is the best thing for you and the kids. You better keep in touch!! :)