Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I hate pneumonia

I hate pneumonia.

And I don't even have it.

Not even the sniffles.


Batman does though.

It's kickin' his ass.



He's so sick right now, he can't get out of bed. Which, to me, sounds perfect, as that's right where I want him. But right now, he can't do a damn thing. Too weak to get up (yeah, I went there. Deal.)

I hate pneumonia.

The kids are coming this weekend. Mine to my house, his to his house. He needs his strength for them. I can wait. What's another week, or 10 days, when I've waited a month?

So, I wait.

I hate pneumonia.

Almost as much as I hate winter storms.

Better check your local listings, I'll bet we get nailed again with another winter storm a week from Friday.


Next possible weekend I can spend with Batman.

Watch, I'll have pneumonia.

I hate winter.

I hate pneumonia.

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