Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Ha! Ha! My friend TA from work, cleaned out her desk and file cabinets today. You know the usual, New year, out with the old, make room for the new. Hide away the Christmas decorations for yet another year. (she just put them up 2 weeks ago, a little late, but hey, they got up).

Anyway, in her quest to clean out stuff, she came across some books she had but was never going to find the time to read. She offered them to me, and me being the bookworm that I am, hell yeah, I jumped all over those babies. I have Janet Dailey, Judy Blume, Nicholas Sparks, Mary Higgins Clark, along with a few I've never heard of. Can't wait to get into them.

Guess how many books she found?



A book for every night between now and going home.

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B.R.M said...

Really, you need to get more excited!

Books. Awww. I love books. My friend DC gave me a bag of books right before Christmas.

I am happy that you are happy.

Have fun!

(still not puking!)


Tennessee Becky