Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Golden Brown

Can I just say that I feel so much better about myself when I'm tan? I know the dangers and the risks, but damn I feel so much better when I'm tan.

I hadn't been tanning in a long time (since B and I broke up) and I had lost that golden glow. I was looking pale. Hell, I was beyond pale, past pasty, I was damn near glow in the dark white. So, I bit the bullet ( and not that Slug is paying Child Support again) and bought a tanning package.

There's a place right up the road here, that had a special, 10 visits for $20 (hell of a deal, really) and buy 10 get 3 free (Yay me! 13 for $20). So sign me up! I went to tan this weekend, and Hello, it's FREE Saturday and Sunday because of the holiday! SCORE!!!! 5 free visits!

So, I'm a nice golden brown again, got a beatuiful golden glow. The extra 5 pounds I put back on for B look good when they are tan. I love, love, love tanning. I feel so much better about me.

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