Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Saga continues

I came into work this morning to find yet another email waiting from CW.

Boy, I am sorry for just giving you a hard time, and ribbing you for the camera thing. Didn’t know you would take it this way. I was truly thinking we would just be out for grins and giggles and to enjoy the adventures of what has taken place in our lives.
Never meant any dis-respect and understood about the boundaries as it sounds like you have put some stability in your life that is a good thing.
Again sorry that my “bone head” ribbing was taken incorrectly, I will adhere to your wishes and hope that you have a wonderful life.

Now tell me, this email was sent with the intention of making me feel guilty and hopefully to make me change my mind. And that pissed me off even further, but to me it was just more proof that he still didn't get it and still didn't respect my boundaries. So, I replied with:

I said no, and no always means no. There is no joke about it. The fact that you kept on pushing the issue made me think and feel like you didn't respect my NO and I'm sorry, but I respect myself too much to play games.
I defined the boundaries, and yet you kept hinting around at the possibility of more than just a drink. The only way to make sure my boundaries were clear was to avoid a situation that could have gotten out of control. I don't need to put myself in questionable situations, and your comments made the whole thing questionable.

There will be no further communication between us, as I have made sure that all further emails from him will be deleted upon receipt and I will never see them in my inbox. I defined my boundaries, and now I have stood behind them. Very powerful indeed.

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