Tuesday, January 2, 2007

T minus 10 and Counting

So, I didn't get my smooch (over the phone or otherwise) at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. That's ok. I think I got something a little bit better.

Batman and I did talk on the phone that evening, several times actually. I had sent him a text message earlier that morning, the scale had told me I had reached the magicall number of 120. I looked in the mirror, and noticed my stomach wasn't as concave as it used to be, the hip bones weren't protruding as distinctly as they had been. In fact, I was looking a lot less Nicole Richie than I had been in the past weeks.

I told him, "Look, I've carried out my end of the deal, kept up my end of the bargin. Now it's time for you to ante up. Make this worth my while, or it all comes off again."
Oh it will so be worth your while. But you can't get it this week.
Yeah, because you have the kids. Look, mine go back to school on Wednesday, don't yours?
Nope, I have them all week and weekend. They go home Sunday.
So, what you're saying to me is, the earliest I will get to see you is Wednesday, January 10th?
Uh, yeah, looks that way.
Well, Hell. But hey.......I would be willing to wait an extra 2 days, and come down on Friday the 12th, if you would give me the entire weekend. If you would let me spend the entire weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday night there, just like I used to.
Well, I think I can manage that.
So, I get the entire weekend, if I wait until the 12th?
Yeah, we can swing that.

In 10 days, (Hence the perfect blog title) I will leave work at 5:00 and with my bags already packed, I will head out of here, and go home again. Home. I haven't been home since October. Yes, I've spent the night there occassionally, but I haven't spent a weekend. I'm going home again.

And yes, I will find out exactly what was 'worth my while' that weekend too. You all know what I want.

We are making our way back to each other. It just seems to me that the universe has chosen to put us on the long and winding scenic route back together. And damn it I want to be on the Autobahn. Enough with the wandering around shit, let's get this show on the road, let's get back together so we can get on with our happily ever after.

Yeah, patience hasn't been one of my strongest virtures.

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